training consultancy

Consultancy, Procurement & Training

Whatever products or services AMTC provides, training and consultancy can be made available to support them.

Consultancy, procurement and training can be used to cover the products or services themselves or the environment, content, operation or objective concerned. All of which can considerably enhance the effectiveness of those same products or services.

At AMTC we believe that the right training is invaluable as a critical insurance element of the investment under consideration and should always be evaluated by the purchaser as part of their budget. It may involve an initial cost but will frequently generate considerable savings at a later date.

The training can often be provided both off the shelf or tailored to the purchaser's requirements. We always recommend that this is considered as part of the procurement process. Please let us know your needs and we will help you find a suitable solution.

Examples of product training:

  • Features and benefits
  • Assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Parts & Service Support

Examples of sector training:

  • Disaster management
  • Emergency medicine
  • Farming
  • Communications

Generally, consultancy will precede training and can involve product and marketing research, but with a focus on project definition and development.

Emergency Response

At AMTC we can provide you with the necessary infrastructure, equipment and disaster management tools and solutions in the event of national and international crisis and emergency response.

Infrastructure, Oil & Gas

Ensure you have a fully operational infrastructure and supply network in place to ensure your recovery plans are effectively implemented with AMTC's range of products and services including oil and gas solutions.

Homeland Security

Provision of professional homeland security equipment and communications solutions including infrared, personal and large-scale scanning devices, CCTV and recording systems for use in the airports, police etc.


Specialists in integrated radio and telecommunications systems from system integration to wireless network solutions. We also provide product hire and sales alongside a radio repair and maintenance workshop.

Agriculture & Water

Establish a sustainable, independent and effective food supply chain with farm machinery products and food production design and project management services from AMTC.


At AMTC we specialise in trading and distributing medical products, focused on generic medicine, medical supplies, disposables and tests. We are committed to offer high quality products and affordable medicine.